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Q form forging simulation solution

Through the advancement of Q form software and mold design, simulation of forging analysis can be achieved, and technical problems such as mold design and manufacturing can be visualized.

Q form forging simulation solution
forging simulation by Q FORM
  • Forging streamline analysis: The streamline during forging is analyzed in stages, which can predict the material cracks, lack of materials, defects and other problems in advance, after proper improvement and optimize the production of the mold.
  • Forging analysis: Analyze the pressure (forging) of the die during forging. Based on this calculation value, select the appropriate forging machine.
  • Improve in advance based on the analysis data and increase the life of the mold.
  • The introduction of forging analysis simulation can play a synergistic effect on the three elements of "shortening delivery time", "improving design quality and effectiveness" and "reducing cost".


Production line X5

Lathe machinery X5 / Forging punch machinery: 1,600T X1/1,000T X2 /600T X4/50-150T X9 / High frequency heating furnace X5


In order to meet the needs of different customers, we have 3D measuring instruments, 2.5D projectors, optical spectrometers, drop hardness machines and magnetic particle flaw detection machines.

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